Alīna Reķēna

Alīna Reķēna

PhD student

Focused on metabolic engineering and design using stoichiometric models to discover metabolic strategies in nonconventional yeasts. Holding a Master's degree (cum laude) in Bioengineering from University of Tartu, Estonia, and Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Riga Technical University, Latvia.

Personal research skills and hands-on experience:
1. Scientific publication writing. Critical thinking and problem solving skills.
2. Stoichiometric constraint-based computational modeling of cellular metabolism with advanced data implementation in Python and Matlab.
3. Submerged fermentation at lab scale and data analysis.
4. Use of biochemical analytical techniques: HPLC, LC-MS, GC-MS, gravimetry, colorimetry.
5. Molecular biology for metabolic engineering.
6. High-throughput omics data acquisition and data analysis.
7. Scientific data analysis: R.

In 2022, received an Early Career Scientist travel grant from Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS). In 2023, won the International Metabolic Engineering Society (IMES) travel award.