About Us


About Us

We are the Food Tech and Bioengineering lab at the Tallinn University of Technology, Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology.


We have a responsibility to share:

we share our knowledge to educate the next generation of scientists, technologists and engineers who will create breakthroughs that we cannot even imagine today. we collaborate to assure the most comprehensive understanding possible.

We respect:

we embrace each individual's unique talents and honor diverse life and work styles. we operate in a spirit of cooperation.

We work professionally and strive for excellence:

we acknowledge the weaknesses in our industry and create ethical, forward-thinking solutions to overcome them. we work professionally. we like to advance science. we do not only follow the roadmaps, we create them.


Our research is focused on addressing global challenges of biosustainability, including sustainable production of food and feed, but also biochemicals and materials. We are developing novel bio-based processes where microbial cell factories are used to convert various waste carbon like food- and wood industry waste into value-added products.

Relying on the multi-disciplinary skill-set in our research group, we have established the Design-Build-Test-Learn cycle of cell factory design and bioprocess optimization. We use advanced metabolic modeling for the design of novel cell factories; we develop novel synthetic biology tools for the more efficient engineering of cell factories; and use our lab-scale bioreactor platform for the process characterization and optimization. We are additionally utilizing the advancements of additive manufacturing to develop ’living materials’, which will improve biotechnology-based production processes.

By combining these approaches, we aim to translate fundamental science results in industrial biotechnology applications by constructing more efficient producer cells. Together with our global and local partners, we are developing the whole value chains in the circular economy for the sustainable production of value-added products with minimal waste streams.

Development of synthetic biology tools

We are developing standardized synthetic biology tools for an .

Bioengineering cell factories

The transition towards a clean economy requires novel processes .

3D printing of living materials

Bioprocesses currently used in industry are primarily based on .


SAFE – Sustainable Aquaculture Feed Based on Novel Biomass .