Learn More 01 Welcome to BioEngineering lab We are the Food Tech and Bioengineering lab at Tallinn University of Technology
We develop novel processes for the production of food and feed components, bio-chemicals and materials
Learn More 02 Combining biology and engineering Bioengineering is a discipline that applies engineering principles to biological systems, like living cells
In BioEng lab, we are developing synthetic biology tools to engineer microorganisms to produce value-added products from organic matter
Learn More 03 Build a career in bioeconomy Bioeconomy is transforming life on Earth—from the food we eat to the medicines we take to the clothes we wear
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How BioEngineering works

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Development of synthetic biology tools

We are developing standardized synthetic biology tools for an .

Bioengineering cell factories

The transition towards a clean economy requires novel processes .

3D printing of living materials

Bioprocesses currently used in industry are primarily based on .


Our News

Master’s thesis projects in genetic engineering

Our lab will accept two master’s thesis students (local/ international/ Erasmus academic exchange). The first project will focus on engineering of carotenoid pathway in non-conventional yeast Rhodotorula toruloides (as industrially important food colorants, pigments, pro-vitamins, and antioxidants). The second project will focus on engineering of lipid metabolism in non-conventional yeast Rhodotorula toruloides (as industrially important macronutrients, .

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