Rahul Kumar

Rahul Kumar

Senior Researcher

Rahul Kumar obtained his Ph.D. in Information Science from Kyutech, Japan. His research focuses on understanding fundamental biological processes involved in nutrients sensing/signaling and growth control in bacteria, yeast, and mammalian cells. He gained interdisciplinary research experience while working at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (biotechnology/bioprocess development), Chalmers (yeast systems biology), Karolinska Institute (mammalian synthetic biology), and Tartu University (living materials).

At TalTech, his multidisciplinary research focuses on additive manufacturing of living materials to create efficient bioprocesses in biotechnology. He enjoys learning with students and international research collaborators.

Besides conducting scientific research, Rahul is an avid reader, cross-country skier, and ultramarathon runner. More here: https://cellssys.com