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PhD seminar

On Friday 18th of february, our three freshly started PhD students gave a seminar to introduce their working plans.

  1. Alina Reķena – Advanced modeling approaches in yeast

The presentation introduced basic principles of constraint-based modeling together with advanced modeling techniques, such as proteome allocation and thermodynamics-based constraints. Current project is focused on model development for non-conventional yeast Rhodotorula toruloides.

2. Gabriel Luz Chaves – Engineering R. toruloides for improved lipid production

In this seminar was discussed the use of non-conventional yeast, R. toruloides, for the production of lipids and the application of synthetic biology tools for strain improvement.

3. Henrique Sepulveda – Development of 3D printed engineered living materials for growth-decoupled biochemicals production

The topics of 3D printing and engineered living materials for biochemicals production was introduced in this seminar. Followed by a talk about our current research goals for the Ph.D. Project.

From left: Gabriel, Henrique and Alina


Feel free to watch the seminar record

Opinion article in the Estonian cultural magazine Vikerkaar

The Estonian cultural magazine Vikerkaar published a series of opinion articles on novel technologies influencing humans in the coming decades. Associate professors Erkki Karo and Petri-Jaan Lahtvee from TalTech discussed the influence of biorevolution and synthetic biology – ‘The third coming of biorevolution in the era of the Green Deal’.

The article is available (only in Estonian) here.

TalTech Development Conference 2021

Tallinn University of Technology is setting sights for the future, and you have the opportunity to be a part of it. At the virtual conference of development, taking place on January 21st, 2021, researchers and experts of the university shared their visions on TalTech’s role in Estonia and the world, the future of education, and the contribution of science and universities to solving global challenges. Prof. Petri-Jaan Lahtvee shared his opinion on the development of the circular economy and how TalTech can play a role there.


Link to the event – link.

The recording of the conference can be found here.